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Catch woodworm before it's too late

Despite the fact that it's a common problem, signs of woodworm can be difficult to spot before it's too late. Woodworm can have a devastating effect on your property if it's not treated correctly but thankfully Create Builders are ready to keep your home or workplace protected.

We use our 30 years' experience in the trade to identify the signs of a nascent woodworm infestation and then use our expertise to weed out the problem with an effective, low odour and quick acting chemical treatment, ensuring that it doesn't return with a full 30 year guarantee against re-infestation.

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Quick-fire treatment

It is essential that once an active woodworm problem has been identified that it is dealt with quickly and professionally.

If you have any concerns about your property and the presence of woodworm, contact us at once.

Does your property need Woodworm Treatments?

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